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Adventures Among Ants: Entymologist, explorer and photographer Mark Moffet shares his journeys, research, findings and incredible photographs from all over the world. Dubbed the Indiana Jones of Entomology by the National Geographic Society, he is an excellent storyteller with pictures as well as words; his macro shots make me realize I have a lot of work and learning to do. And yep, he signed my copy too.

Insectopedia: Writer and insect enthusiast Hugh Raffle's A-Z on bug lore, history and personal observations. I was already drawn in at the very first chapter (A, on AIR), as I read about an aspect Ifor some reason has overlooked. The swarms of insecs above me! Here I was nose to ground forgetting that many bugs are gifted with flight or at the mercy of the wind. I need to keep reading. BTW, I am tickled to say my copy is signed, and addressed to Kimsect.

Anthill by entomologist rock star E.O Wilson. A Christmas present from my mom last year, on my ever growing list of bug books to read, but get to it soon I will, sorry Mom!


Bugged-Out, Clothing, Bags, Cards
I was lucky enough to discover this company on the streets of New York. The owner/designer Dina even drives a VW Beetle. The clothing and bags are made of organic cotton and a portion of the profits go to MS Research as well. I have been sporting my bug bag all week, and saving my spider tank for special occasions.

Translucent Entomology
Bloody gorgeous glass bugs. The artist Toby Upton created these via lampworking, glass blowing, hand crafting and Santa, please, let me find one under my tree this year. Particularly the Ichneumon Wasp if you must know...

Battery powered micro robots shaped like bugs? Brilliant! I have the nano, but feel a need to collect them all... Read more at Wired.

Insect Muffin Tins
Save a bug, bake your own! Plus it's gotta taste better if it's shaped like them!

Insect Mouse
Two words that aren't normally together, this is one of the odder insect products I have seen, what's with the smiley face up top? Bugs do make me happy but this juxtaposition kind of confuses me.

Insect Earrings
Yes, that would be two grasshopper or locust legs sticking out a person's ear. Almost makes me want to add another hole to my lobe. But not quite.

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