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Insects and spiders can be found everywhere, not just outdoors, perhaps to manys dismay (not mine!). Actually, a few of my favorite shots were taken in my own bathroom, but I don't think the general public wants to see photos of dank and dusty corners. I certainly prefer shooting insects and spiders their more natural habitats, plus I just plain love being outside. So here are some of my photographing havens, the flora within, and the scenic settings throughout.



A serene setting of Joe Pye Weed byt mountain streamside near New Paltz NY

A water lily festooned pond in Harriman State Park, NY

My favorite place for bug huntin'. An abandoned farm field near my family's summer cottage in upstate NY.

A small waterfall in a stream in upstate NY

It's all about the angle, from here this millimeter high moss looks like a high hillock.

More moss taken from ground level, where inches look like miles.

Farmland pasture

Where pasture meets pond

Pasture meets pond again

Another streamside waterfall

A larger river upstate, was looking for caddisflies

Another meandering stream shot

Water lily pond shot behind some reeds

New Platz known for its natural beauty never fails to deliver

Woods and swampland

Abandoned railroad high atop a hill, buzzing with bugs, also rescued a turned around turtle once.


Trail in the woods

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Yikes, an invasive but a beauty, Porcelain Berry.

Black Raspberries, yum!

Chicory, you can make coffee from its ground up root. So I hear.

A dramatic daisy.

My mom would know this flower, will have her ID soon. They look like small non thorny thistles.

One of my favorites and popular with the bugs, Queen Anne's Lace, wild carrots!

False Solomon's Seeal

A fern unfurling

Fiddlehead ferns, I am not too keen on their taste but a delicacy in some restaurants.

Wild ginger, how cute is this tiny blossom?!

Jewelweed, aka Touch-Me-Nots. But really, touch them when their pods are fat and ready to burst, a favorite summer past time.

Jewelweed from the front, beautiful plants but unfortunately they often grow amongst poison ivy.

The lovely Maidenhair Fern up close.

A patch of Maidenhair Ferns dappled with sunlight, scenery like this soothes me to no end.

Maidenhair Fern, named for the fronds that form in a circle like a crown.

Milkweed pod fluff, mini marachute ready to seed forth.

More Milkweed pod fluff. Insects that feed on this plant can also be noxious like the plant's poisonous sticky white sap.

Milk weed is a great plant for finding bugs, not just the Monarch Butterfly. I am hoping to find a chrysalis of one some day...

Milkweed blossom, aka bug buffet!

I think this is a New England Aster.

Spadderdock leaves, they aren't really that tall, I shot this from the ground up.

Just a tendril, or bug highway if you will.

Some kind of curling vine.

Maple leaves.

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Tiny black mushrooms, was thinking of tackling this category as my next photo hunt.

This cute one looks like there should be a fairy resting on top.

If I discovered this I might name it bubble gum mushroom.

Very cool fungi, a creamsicle orange color with brighter hues, was rather large for a fungi.

Another view.

Ok, I have to say it: What did the mushroom say when the barternder refused to serve him? "C'mon, I'm a fun-gi!"

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If you have a good macro, droplet shots are a must

Check out the reflections inside of them!

I would like a necklace like this actually.

Softer dew

Droplets on a leaf, ok ok, I reallllly like droplets...

Last one, spider web lace!

An aptly termed blade of grass, piercing through a leaf, what strength!

It's just a dead leaf but flowing down the river, it looked more organic.

I like getting down on the ground and shooting upwards, makes these millimeter high spouts look like tall wheat almost.

Again ground up, mere moss turned into mountain.

Moss on rock looks like a mini topography map.

On golden pond...oh to have this lighting at my beck and call, dusk on a lily pond through reeds.

Ground up, spadderdock leaves look like a rainforest. To me.

Just a maple tree but in the right lighting, splendour in the leaves.

Simple daisy in dramatic lighting.

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