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Mayflies: Order: Ephemeroptera : Derived from the Greek "ephemera" meaning short-lived, and "ptera" meaning wings. This is a reference to the short lifespan of most adult mayflies, which is typically only one or two days during which they do not eat and have vestigial mouthparts. The larvae live underwater with gills along the sides of their abdomen and three or sometimes two "tails", called caudal filaments. The first winged stage is callled subimago, while the full adult stage is calles imago. Anglers call them duns and spinners respectively. Sensitive to pollution, some species are endangered or have recently become extinct.

Burrowing Mayfly:
Among the largest mayflies, recent increased flights may have be considered a nuisance but indicates healthier lakes.


Caddisflies: Order: Ephemeroptera : derived from the Greek words "trichos" meaning hair and "ptera" meaning wings, refers to the long, silky hairs that cover most of the body and wings. Delicate-looking as adults, their larvae are especially creative in building protective casing. All stages are models for fly fishermen who follow their hatchings closely. Sensitive to low levels of pollution they are indicator species for the helath of streams and lakes.

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