Categories » Primitive & Minor Species

Earwigs: Order: Dermatera : derived from the Greek "derma" meaning skin and "ptera" meaning wings, refers to the thickened forewings that cover and protect the hind wings. Plaugued by supersition, contrary to old wive's tales, they do not enter the ears of sleeping humans. A few exhibit parental care, most are scavengers or predators of no harm to us.

European Earwigs:
Nornally predatory on small insects, can become a pest of flowers when prety is scarce. Females guard eggs and newly hatched nymphs.

Scorpionflies: Order: Mecoptera : derived from the Greek words "meco" meaning long and "ptera" meaning wings, refers to the shape of both the front and hind wings. Includes Hangingflies and Scorpionflies. Varied appearance but most have a long beak-like face.

Scorpionfly: Family Panorpidae. Named for the appearnce of the male's abdomen whose abdominal claspers look like a scorpion's tail. But they do not bite at all.

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