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Order: Odonata meaning tooth, referring to the strong teeth found on the mandibles of most adults, but only the large ones can deliver any noticeable pinch if handled. Adults are quick, agile fliers and generally considered beneficial because they feed on large numbers of small, flying insects like gnats and mosquitos. Their larvae are aquatic and some are large enough to feed on small fish and tadpoles with jaws that are folded under and shot out to grab and impale prey, making them formidable predators at all stages.


Genus Enallagma, Tiny and slender, often found hovering around ponds, fold wings at rest. Include Familar Bluets and Orange Bluets.

Broad-winged Damsels:
Family Calopterygidae, Usually found around streams, include American Rubyspot and Jewelwings

Forktails :
Genus Ischnura, Named for the small strucutre at the top of their abdomens, males are small and brightly colored.

Spreadwing Damsels:
Family Lestidae, Recognized by resting stance with swings splayed out to the side.



Family Aeschnidae, Huge eyes meet on top of head, wings usually unmarked, long narrow abdomens like darning needles, perch vertically.

Family Libellulidae, largest group of Odonota found by ponds and meadows with colorful patterned bodies and wings.


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