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MANTIDS: Order: Mantodea, derived from "mantis", the Greek word for these insects. Pretty well known for their hunting ferocity and mating habits, they have front legs modified into viselike appendages to grasp and hold prey which is eaten alive. At rest they give the impression of praying, hence their common name.

Chinese Praying Mantis:
Entered the US as early as 1896 and still deliberately introduced as a biological control agent. I did order an egg online, gulp.

WALKINGSTICKS: Order: Phasmatodea, derived from the Greek "phasm" meaning phantom, refers to the cryptic appearance and behavior of these insects. They are vegetarians disguised as twigs or stems, moving very slowly. All North American species are wingless except the Aplopus mayeri of southern Florida.

Northern Walkingstick:
Photographed upstate NY, first and only spotting. It is truly amazing how much they resemble twigs, will keep a sharper eye out next time.

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