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Order: Araneae: Not insects, belonging to a separate class, the arachnids. Spiders have two body parts (insects three), eight legs (insects six), and have spinnerets (insects have none) and lack any wings or antennae (all insects have both). Most have eight eyes, all are predatory, and a majority are harmless to humans.*

Comb-clawed Spiders:
Includes the Common House Spider and the deadly Black Widow, do not have photos of the latter sadly, but perhaps better for my health.

Crab Spiders:
When threatened, they spread their arms in an awesome kung fu like stance. Skilled camouflagers helps their ambush.

Fishing & Nursery Web Spiders:
Fishing spiders, well, fish, while Nursery spiders care closely for their egg sac.

Funnel Web Weavers
As you cansee they create really cool funnel tunnels to hide in and jump out at prey.

Harvestmen/ Daddy Long Legs:
Easy to spot and identify, these spiders have super long legs.

Jumping Spiders:
A personal favorite, small compact spiders that skitter and jump about with great speed. Their inquisitive faces get to me.

Long-jawed Orbweavers
Active during summers in open habitat like woodland edges where I caught sight of this beauty.

Varied in color but similar plump profiles. I find many hiding within rolled up leaves waiting for am errant insect to fly by and get stuck.

Sheetweb Spiders:
Named for the shape of their bowl-shaped webs, they are pretty smaller spiders found along the forest edge.

Wolf Spiders
Mostly dark amd mottled in color, hairy looking with reflective eyes. Sounds like a wolf!

Since most of my guides focus on Insects these were a bit harder to ID.

*Excerpted from Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America

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